​My Dad, Gary Craig, is the Founder of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and I worked by his side from 2005-2015 making improvements to the training we offer. I designed and directed our online certification program at EmoFree.com, I am the Co-Author of the Gold Standard EFT Tutorial, and was the Director of the ACEP EFT Certification Program from 2011 - 2015, training licensed mental health professionals to use EFT with diagnosed cases. I am a Master Practitioner of Gold Standard EFT, which is the Founder's version of EFT and goes much deeper than other approaches.

I also have a BA in Business Economics, and a combined 20 years of experience in Investment Management, Marketing, and Business Development.

About my role at EmoFree.com


The Gold Standard EFT approach is based on the Personal Peace Procedure, which promotes freedom from current issues by clearing events in the past rather than treating symptoms on the surface.  For any client with a troublesome childhood, clearing these events is a challenge. However, with the right skills and a dedicated approach, it changes lives.  

Diagnosed cases of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Addictions almost always include a traumatic childhood, so the benefit in truly clearing the impact of those events is obvious to any experienced professional. However, any human who has been on this planet for a few decades or more is probably carrying around a backlog of smaller traumas that lead to limiting beliefs, chronic pain, relationship challenges and compromised happiness. 

By clearing events completely, we see spontaneous, genuine cognitive shifts in almost every session, so there is no
need to try "installing" them with positive language.  The symptoms and presenting issues show significant  improvement as a direct result of clearing past trauma, and we confirm that for ourselves and our clients
with a uniquely objective approach to testing.   

There are definite uses for surface tools and we incorporate them accordingly. However, we find that an abundance of surface tools and positive affirmation can show false signs of progress that are ultimately temporary.  Gold Standard EFT is about lasting results, so we focus our energy at the source and don't spend much time on the surface.


Developing individual skills is very important to solid EFT delivery, but I also strive to give practitioners a deeper understanding of the process so they can make more educated decisions on their own.  Once you are alone with your clients, challenges will present themselves. Rather than making up a solution that may draw on other methods or training, this program will give you the ability to make those decisions based on Gold Standard EFT philosophy. 

Teaching this level of expertise requires going deeper into each tool, understanding the goals, recognizing the challenges, and weighing an assortment of options.  I could create a much longer list of topics to cover in each segment, but I have found that trying to do too much at once will compromise the depth and quality  of the instruction. My approach is deeper and more focused, but actually results in a wider scope of expertise. 

I am a fan of a teaching style called Accelerated Learning which promotes an experiential, creative, learning environment, and I combine that with a traditional approach.  Wherever possible, I will put you in situations and provide exercises that promote the deepest conceptual learning.  Our interaction will be largely one-on-one so I am also able to explain the goals of my approaches whenever there is a question.