Gold Standard EFT is Gary Craig's original version plus the powerful refinements he has added over the years, and I am the Co-Author of his instruction at EmoFree.com . His approach leads to comprehensive, professional quality results, and goes far deeper than what you see on the surface. My specialty is breaking it down and teaching all those individual skills, so you can generate masterful EFT results of your own.  You can find EFT variations and creative tapping applications all over the internet, but the deeper results of Gold Standard EFT have yet to meet their match. 

My EFT/Personal Mastery Coaching practice can be found at www.TheEverydayDivine.com 

Gold Standard EFT: Professional Certification - The highest level of skill for experienced professionals. Three levels of certification cover EFT applications for symptoms, originating events, and special situations with the diagnosed cases in mind.  Based on the Tutorial at EmoFree, but enhanced with additional material to convert the generalized instruction in to powerful professional tools.  Develop your skills with practice and group coaching calls, then have them verified in one-on-one consultation.  Details

Gold Standard EFT: Do-It-Yourself - Learn to use EFT for relief on your own issues. Study the online Tutorial, work through exercises to learn the skills, join group calls to ask your questions and get support. Details

Gold Standard EFT: Friends and Family - Learn to use EFT with friends and family. Great for those considering an EFT practice and those who just want to help the ones they love.  Includes a workbook with exercises to develop practitioner skills, join group calls to ask questions on your cases and get support. Local and online tapping groups are in the works.  Details

Gold Standard EFT "by the Book"


Co-Author, Gold Standard EFT Tutorial at EmoFree.com
​Director, EFT Academic Certification Program at EmoFree.com (2008-2010)

Director, ACEP EFT Certification Program (2010 - 2015)

Master Practitioner, Gold Standard EFT (2006 - present)