“After my initial exposure to EFT, I was seeing fantastic results in my own practice. As years went by, I found myself trying the variations, scripts, and other approaches that were being advertised on the Internet as more effective, but to my surprise, found declining success. Eventually, I was frustrated enough to get back to basics. That’s when I contacted Tina and enrolled in her program with ACEP.  I studied the material, took the test, and received her feedback on my video sessions with EFT clients.  Now I’m being more organized at identifying specific issues, working through the different aspects in a problem, trusting the process as it was designed, and back to getting great results!”

Peter Goldberg, LMFT, DCEP
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner

"This training is priceless, comprehensive and inspiring.  Tina is a highly supportive, yet exacting trainer. Throughout, I became much more adept at breaking down complicated “table tops” into manageable, specific issues - cases that historically might have felt overwhelming are now highly rewarding to treat.  I know I am really delivering the best EFT possible, to ensure the most effective results for my clients, with the “Craig approved” empathy and technique. This training has given a new level of confidence that one is practicing EFT in the most effective, and purest form, based on Gary and Tina's hours of experience.  It is training from the source, with all the insights they have perfected.”

Tamzin Freeman, Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner

"This certification is unlike any other I've attained. Tina gives invaluable feedback and specific coaching that clearly supports EFT the way its founder intended it. The result is a grounded confidence in using EFT, and a consistency of getting the outstanding results that our clients and we have grown to expect from this work. I am extremely pleased that even after more than a decade of practicing EFT, I learned a surprising level of new skill in creating crucial "differences that make the difference" for my clients. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about taking their toolbox to the next level!"

Michael DeMolina, LPC, NAADAC-MAC, C.Ht., DCEP, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner
ACEP EFT Certification Program – US Lead Trainer (2010 – 2015)

“Honestly, I was getting great results with EFT as I knew it, and felt confident that the variations I had adopted were improving my practice. However, by going through the certification process with Tina, I learned to find better events and test my work more completely, and I was surprised by how much better my results were. I'm extremely proud to say I'm certified as a Gold Standard EFT practitioner and I recommend Tina’s program to everyone that asks my opinion on where to get the highest quality EFT training available."

Ellie Steele, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, 3rd Degree Reiki Practitioner, Personal Trainer
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner

"I have been writing and delivering training courses for many years, and this program is the best I’ve seen in a long time. The feedback I've received from Tina has been INVALUABLE. She has helped me gain insights I didn't think were possible, and I am truly taking my work to another level. I love to learn, and I'm learning even more with this program. I think this Gold Standard EFT training will attract those who want to be the best at EFT. The standards are very high, but anyone who is willing to put in the effort is going to feel very proud that they've achieved this level of excellence."

Helen Walker, Reiki Master, Heart Math
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner
ACEP EFT Certification Program – UK Lead Trainer (2010 – 2015)

“I signed up for the program because I wanted the individual feedback. I learned EFT on my own and had been practicing for years but always wondered if I was getting as much out of EFT as I could. I took the EFT Cert-I and II exams a few years ago and I learned so much that it changed the scope of my practice. Now that I have demonstrated my skills and received feedback…from the source of EFT…I have a lot more confidence and my detective work has improved dramatically. By asking better questions, I can find the pain triggers and collapse them much more quickly. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Mary Spielman, BS OT
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner

“After umpteen workshops, and various certification courses, all taken with the personal aim of honing my use of this incredible tool, I am impressed by how many "Ah-ha!" moments have hit me whilst working with Tina Craig in the certification process. As a result, I have gained even more clarity in how to focus EFT with pinpoint accuracy, how to dig out exactly what to focus EFT on, and how to realize quickly when I was missing the target. The improvement is far more than I ever imagined was possible.“

Odet Beauvoisin, Kinesiologist
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner

“As an EFT Practitioner with many years of experience, I especially appreciated the opportunity to get complete, individual feedback on my skills from “the source”.  The Gold Standard EFT  program is focused on truly important skills like specific events, solid testing, and purposeful language, and I found it highly valuable to develop myself further in that direction.”

Kevin Soltani, Peak Performance Coach, NLP
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner

“Going through the Gold Standard EFT certification process with Tina was a great experience for me. The level of detail in her requirements and her feedback on the exercises pushed me to be extremely attentive to and purposeful about what I was doing in my sessions. That increase in conscious precision, with a central focus on finding specifics and testing thoroughly, both improved my skills and sharpened my awareness of how I was using the EFT tools. I found that hugely valuable, and it led to better results and greater confidence.”

Betsy Crouse
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Advanced Practitioner

 “Using Gold Standard EFT is simple and makes sense.  Many new clients come to me in frustration because they have worked with other practitioners using some form of EFT but with limited results.  After an initial consultation, I realize they haven't been using Gold Standard EFT, but some form of global tapping instead.  These same clients report feeling hopeful and peaceful at the end of a properly instructed EFT session, when previous issues with no forward movement are either gone or significantly reduced.  This is why I am such a huge advocate of Gold Standard EFT.  It recognizes the simplicity of EFT as it was originally intended, and gimmicks aren't necessary for amazing results.”

Allison Denehy, LCPC (previous)
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Practitioner

"I often get new clients who claim that EFT hasn’t worked for them - the relief doesn’t last and the emotional problem keeps coming back. My first question is “have you tapped on any specific events?” When the answer is “no”, that’s when I get excited because I know there is a whole new world of EFT for them to explore. Once we address a few events, the issues start shifting, the relief starts to hold, and we’re on our way! I’m so glad that Gold Standard EFT is centered around this powerful approach. “

Harriette McDonough, LMSW, Energy Healing
Gold Standard EFT - Certified Practitioner